Syngenta Holland

Syngenta® testing facility

Syngenta® - Trial

Young plants already showing signs of Algae and weed formation on the soil.

Seed cap prototype in development for Syngenta®.

Young plant showing signs of lower leaf rot.


  • Evaluate the difference in seed yields when deflecting the seeds away from being lost into the growing medium.
  • Observe and evaluate the presence of lower leaf rot on the plants, weeds and Algae forming on the soil.
  • Observe and evaluate all known associated problems related to the above.

Early stages of the seed trial using CubeCaps® and DripCaps® prototype.

Syngenta® - Trial Results


  • 10% increase in seed volume due to the DripCaps® ability to deflect the seeds onto the netting, away from being lost into the growing medium.
  • No lower leaf rot noted.
  • Minimized weed/algae growth.
  • Associated problems such as Fungus gnats and larvae were not apparent.

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