Green Q/Improvement Center

GreenQ/Improvement Center trial facility

After just 6 weeks

Algae impacted blocks already starting to reduce oxygen, requiring more water.

  • In 2011, the Green Q/Improvement center began an 11 month trial with tomatoes in a commercial greenhouse, in the Netherlands.
  • The goal of this trial was to verify and document the attributes of the DripCap®.
  • Minimized algae impacted block with DripCap®, maintaining oxygen levels, requiring less water and fertilizer.

Green Q/Improvement Center - Trial Photos

Trial Photos - Continued

Split stem resting on cap protected from coming into contact with a moist surface, avoiding stem rot and lower leaf rot.

Split stem leaning against a moist surface promoting rot and/or lower leaf rot.

Measuring the circumference of DripCap® grown tomatoes.


  • The final results showed an average of 32.9% savings in water and fertilizer. Additional results showed a reduction in algae growth and related pests and problems.
  • CubeCap® reduces algae development.
  • In all, CubeCap® saves water without affecting plant production or development.
  • A detailed Green Q/Improvement Center 19-page report is available upon request.

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