Who We Are

We have been an intricate part of the Hydroponics community for over thirty years. CubeCap® Canada was formed in 2007 in order to invent, patent and manufacture sustainable agriculture products which would save on labour and resources to benefit commercial growers.

Goals and Objectives

  • Minimize water and fertilizer consumption globally by at least 30%.
  • Help the agricultural community produce more crops with fewer resources, saving time, money and energy thanks to our sustainable products.
  • Use DripCaps® to replace the estimated 6 billion drip stakes and other Micro irrigation products in use each year globally.
  • Assist California and other water-depleted states and countries reduce their water consumption while increasing their yields.
  • Create and manufacture different shapes/sizes of DripCaps® and CubeCaps® in order to accommodate any and all types of irrigation, containers and mediums.
  • Collaborate on outdoor DripCap®.

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